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Date SentSubjectAttachments
May 08, 2014Presentation from 5 May meeting - Andrew Gardnernone Read
March 05, 2014Lecture from NWULG Meeting Feb 2014none Read
February 13, 2014Message from Andrew Gardner for NWULG Therapistsnone Read
September 27, 2013NWULG 1 October 2013none Read
February 17, 2013Shoulder Ultrasound Masterclass 2013none Read
January 29, 2013Diagnosis &Triage of Upper Limb Musculoskeletal Conditionsnone Read
December 07, 2012Forthcoming Meetings for 2013none Read
December 03, 2012Biomet North West Shoulder Meeting - 20 March 2013none Read
November 10, 2012Presentation from NWULG Meeting on 6 November 2012none Read
October 19, 2012NWULG Meeting 6 November 2012none Read
October 09, 2012DISCOUNT for NWULG Members for Wrightington Shoulder Tips & Tricks Conferences - 21-23 November 2012none Read
July 07, 2012PROMS Summit 2012none Read
June 11, 2012Lecture from NWULG Meeting Feb 2012none Read
May 24, 2012NWULG Meeting - 29 May 2012 at the ENCORE HAYDOCKnone Read
May 01, 2012Leo Jacobs Funeralnone Read
April 26, 2012Sad Newsnone Read